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DECORISSIME, Exceptional knobs and handles. Art, design and luxury

Manufacture de Luxe

Exceptional company, exceptional creations, exceptional savoir-faire...

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UMPB"Manufacture de Luxe" is in the great tradition of French decorative arts: the most beautiful pieces which can be made today, exceptional furniture and objects, luxury in its purest state...
This artistic furniture is, as in other times, the reserve of an aesthetic élite capable not only of appreciating its refinement down to the smallest details, but also of investing in an objet of art which will gain value with time.


"Manufacture de Luxe" is a trade mark of the Union of Manufactures of Prince Bonaparte (UMPB).

Client Service

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are entirely at your disposal.

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rabbitBy e-mail:
You can rely on a rapid reply (mostly immediate, and always within 24h of working days).
You may also ask us to call you back by telephone free of charge, something we are always happy to do.

By telephone: +33 2 32 77 42 91
From Monday to Friday, 10:30 to 19:30.

It is currently in Paris (GMT+1)

Our clientèle being very international, we speak French, English and Spanish and understand Italian and Portuguese pretty well. If you speak another language we will always find a solution.

It's a gift?
We will undertake delivery for you, with a message from you and a small supplementary gift from us.

After-Sale Service
"Manufacture de Luxe" naturally ensures follow-up for all its products. Although our products are built to last, accidents can always happen. In case of any such problem, we will do everything possible to assist you (replacement of leather, mother of pearl, stones... and complete rebuilding if necessary), even if the model is no longer in the catalogue.

Maintenance advice for the furniture
A piece of furniture in solid wood can last several centuries, even though "it lives", moving and changing over time. It is important to pay attention to its "conditions of life” .
Wood is sensitive to hygrometric conditions, temperature, sunlight and environmental conditions in general. A sudden change in the rate of humidity may lift panels, shatter varnish and make cracks appear, swell doors or the piece of furniture as a whole, etc. The ideal combination is a temperature around 21°C and a rate of humidity of 40 %. If the air is too humid, the wood will absorb the house’s excess humidity. It is also imperative to avoid placing the piece directly in front of heat sources (radiators, fireplaces, etc.) or exposing it to direct sunlight.
Make sure that you place the piece perfectly horizontally. This is the first condition to ensure that the doors and drawers will open and close correctly. Always close doors and drawers correctly to avoid any risk of warping. It is recommended to fix high pieces of furniture to the wall to avoid movements and ensure better stability.
Furniture should be dusted regularly with a soft, dry cloth. Immediately wipe away any liquid spilt on a piece. Do not use products or sprays based on silicons, waxes, acetone, ammonia, oil or any other elements which could attack the wood and its coatings. If necessary, call a professional.
Leather only needs a light touch of nourishing cream if the air is too dry. Semi-precious stones and mother of pearl should be washed in slightly soapy water with a soft cloth. Dry carefully afterwards. Never use abrasives. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lifetime guaranty

We buy back our pieces at the price you bought them, for life.

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Garantie à vie

One of the great differences between exceptional artistic furniture like that of "Manufacture de Luxe" and mass-produced furniture (however expensive it may be), is that the former gain value with time while the latter lose value every year.
That is why we are without doubt the only ones to be able to offer a guarantee as exceptional as our products: that we will, if you wish, buy back your furniture signed "Manufacture de Luxe" at the same price you paid for it. This is a lifetime guarantee.
There can be no better demonstration of the value of products signed "Manufacture de Luxe"

For details, conditions and modalities see the guaranty slip

Respect for human beings and nature

Because we are responsible for the world we live in...

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Respect de hommes et de la planète

At "Manufacture de Luxe" we believe that quality should not only apply to the products we offer. It should also be the object of a global and permanent approach. Quality in human relations, quality in commercial relations, and quality of work. When you dare to be an exceptional company you have to prove it every day.
"Manufacture de Luxe" has basic principles of respect and responsibility.

1/ Respect for the clients
A simple and honest approach towards our clients consisting of offering high quality products under the best possible conditions of sale. A relationship based on trust and integrity.

2/ Respect for suppliers
We select competent suppliers who also have an overall work ethic. We give preference to enterprises which are close, crafts-based and human, collaborating with us to preserve and maintain the greatest levels of savoir-faire.

3/ Respect for our own workers
If everybody does what they should, work becomes a pleasure for all.

"Manufacture de Luxe" is conscious of its environmental responsibilities in relation to each of these choices.
4/ Origin of controlled essences
The essences used in the manufacture of our furniture are always of the highest quality. We make sure that they come only from controlled and well-managed forests. Most of the essences that we use are of French or European origin and are subject to very strict regulations. We use very little exotic wood, but when some rare essence is indispensable, we always turn to suppliers who guarantee verifiable sourcing. Moreover, once again, wood coming from the closest forests are always preferred, so as to minimise unnecessary transportation.

5/ Harmlessness of the manufactured furniture
Furniture signed "Manufacture de Luxe" is almost entirely manufactured in solid wood. No chipboard, no melamine, no MDF: simply because these panels are made with urea-formol glues, so that they will release formaldehyde vapours over the years without this being noticeable. It is also scandalous that most furniture today, even so-called "top of the range" pieces, uses products whose toxicity is well known and which will one day end up being banned. The few panels we use are either made with natural binders like lignite, or are certified plywoods to norm E1, which means they have insignificant urea-formol content. Certain elements, such as doors for example, are made according to the method called ‘three cross ply’, which assures better stability. The glues used are similarly inoffensive. Generally speaking, the glues that we use are either natural or without negative effects on the health. On the other hand, the finishing products we use (pigments, varnishes, paint) are guaranteed as applied without solvents, using only water. In general, preference is given to ‘responsible’ products whose composition presents no known risks. We make constant efforts to use only healthy and ‘responsible’ products, but, quite frankly, in spite of these efforts we must recognise that it is impossible today to be absolutely sure about all the elements. We can simply guarantee that we do our best to make healthy and "responsible" furniture down to the smallest detail.

Custom made. Made to order.

And the soul of these rare objects should match your own...

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Each piece may be realised in natural wood tint, or with the colour of leather or fabric you select. We can also adapt the models we present to dimensions that suit you, so that they are a perfect fit with the requirements of your interior. There are also many other adjustments that could be envisaged (adding drawers, change of buttons, etc). Don’t hesitate to tell us what you would like, and we will do all we can to respond.

We excel in this speciality. We can make you the most exceptional pieces you can imagine. Whether you already have an idea of the subject to be developed, or you are looking for a new source of inspiration, we will create the extraordinary piece that is missing from your interior. Here are a few representative examples of our interventions in some domains which are very different, but always outside the common run of things...
Some examples here

Means of payment

Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and bank transfer...

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Moyens de paiement

"Manufacture de Luxe" has chosen Paypal for secure on line payments. You may therefore pay with your Visa and Mastercard credit cards or your Paypal account.

The prices are given in Euros. By clicking the currency symbols $ £ ¥ ... situated beside the prices, you can have an approximate conversion to in all the currencies in the world, at that day’s rate. Your card will be charged in Euros and the conversion will be made automatically by your bank without you having to do anything further.

For many products a simple deposit of €500 will be demanded from you, so as not to "max out" your credit card. The balance will then be settled by bank transfer.
We will then contact you by e-mail (and then by telephone if you wish) to settle the details of your order and simplify matters for you.

A few explanations about the "Shopping bag":
A few explanations about the basket of payment: It’s very simple. Whenever you want to buy an article, all you have to do is click on "Add to the basket" or on "I order with a 1st deposit of €500". This article will then be added to your Paypal virtual basket. You may then either continue your purchases and close the basket, or pay for your purchases immediately.
You may modify your order at any time (cancel, delete, add).
You may also consult the contents of your basket at any time by clicking on "Your basket".
When you have decided to pay, all you have to do is click on "Pay now" in your virtual basket. You are then transferred to the Paypal site for secure payment (you will see that the web address begins with "https", the "s" guaranteeing a secure server).
We do not at any time gain knowledge of your credit card numbers.
We are simply notified that a payment has taken place and on your side you will receive a proof of payment by e-mail. That’s all.

If you have the slightest doubt or worry, do not hesitate to contact us. Smile and be cheerful, we are there to help you and find a simple solution for you.

Times required for manufacture / Free worldwide delivery

We deliver at your home with DHL or a furniture specialized transporter

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A piece of furniture signed "Manufacture de Luxe" is a work of art. We therefore always choose quality over rapidity. In general, you should count between 6 and 12 weeks for the realisation of your furniture. We wil give you a delivery deadline at the time of your order and then we will be pleased to regularly inform you about the accomplishing stages of your piece of furniture.

DHLWe deliver at your home, free of charge and world-wide with DHL or a furniture specialized transporter, when necessary.
Rapidity, sécurity, service, delivery terms and quality standards are those of these specialized companies (often the best possible in the country of destination).
If you wish, we are also able, in many countries, to organize in complement a special service of total installation of your piece of furniture in its room of destination.

If you need something special do not hesitate to ask.

Security & Privacy

You can count on us

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Sécurité et confidentialité

For the security of on line payments, "Manufacture de Luxe" has chosen Paypal which is the largest secure payment platform in the world and which guarantees you the highest level of security.
Naturally, "Manufacture de Luxe" at no time learns the numbers of your credit card. .

Our policy of confidentiality is very simple. We do not communicate the content of our clients’ files. To anyone. Ever. The data that you entrust to us therefore remain strictly confidential.
"Manufacture de Luxe" counts among its clients a great many highly prominent personalities. We consider it our duty never to divulge to anybody, under any pretext, either their contact information, or what they have bought from us.
In addition, every client may demand at any time, without explanation, that all the data concerning that client should be deleted from our client file, and this will be done immediately, on simple reception of an e-mail from the client.

Legal notices

General conditions of sale

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"Manufacture de Luxe" is a trademark of the company UMPB - Union des Manufactures du Prince Bonaparte. BP 62 27600 Gaillon France

By visiting this web site the customer agrees these terms and conditions.

By clicking on « add to your shopping bag » or "I order" he confirms his agreement.

1/The contract between UMPB and the customer strictly follows terms and conditions explained hereafter. Variations of the customer's standard terms do not apply. All special arrangements outside of the standard product offering must be submitted in written form to UMPB and accepted in written form by UMPB. is a trade mark of UMPB internet website.

2/ The customer is required to provide truthfully all details requested on the order form. Any damage or expense resulting from false or incorrect information provided by the customer, becomes the sole responsibility of the customer.

3/ Products offered by UMPB via the internet or other media and the order form do not constitute an order, but are a request for the customer to place such an order, which UMPB can in return accept or not. Submission of the completed order form is considered as placing an order.

4/ Invoiced prices are those displayed on the web site at the time of order placement. They are indicated in Euros and are to be paid in Euros. Prices indicated in other currencies are only given for information. Orders must be paid by payment cards, Visa or Mastercard or by Paypal. uses a SSl 128 bits encrypted secure payment system handled by Paypal No card number will be known by Prices are indicated all taxes included for the countries of European Community. For the others countries import tax, customs fees, value added tax and other taxes have to be paid by the addressee at the delivery, if necessary.

5/ UMPB provides on its site, a description of the main characteristics of the goods offered for sale. These product descriptions are accompanied, where appropriate and possible, by photographs illustrating the product. UMPB requests that the customers reads these product descriptions carefully. The customer accepts that the product photographs on the web site are only for informational purposes. There can be discrepancies between the photograph and the actual product as a result of the photograph being processed

6/ A shipping service is provided by UMPB as indicated in the website. Parcels are shipped upon client responsability by adapted shipping companies, depending on products features. Delivery can be made in most countries of the world, but UMPB can decide to refuse delivery for some countries. UMPB can also decide to refuse delivery if UMPB is not sure to be able to provide a secure shipping. "Manufacture de Luxe" offers a free of charges shipping service. This service is not contractual or obligatory. It's a complimentary service and can be cancelled punctually or definitively at any time by UMPB. Shipping times are given as information. Shipping being upon client responsability, UMPB is not responsable for shipping delays or damages. Shipping damages must be notified at the moment of delivery to the shipping company and UMPB.

7/ All our furnishings beeing executed specialy for each customer, work time has to be added to delivery time. These work time is indicative and only given for information. In case of unexpected delay, the client will be informed by email and will be autorized to renouce to his order if the the work has not begun. Retractation is not possible after ordering (article L 121-20 du Code de la Consommation modificated by ordonnance n°2001-741 du 23 août 2001) all our products beeing made to order.

8/ UMPB guarantees a total confidentiality concerning data collected. UMPB will not sell, distribute, barter or transfer any information obtained from a user to a third party. More, at any moment the client can request UMPB, to withdraw his data from our database, simply sending an e-mail.

9/ Products must be paid before delivery and remain the property of UMPB until full payment has been received inclusive all shipping charges.

10/ In the case of any litigation resulting from the contractual relationship between the customer and UMPB, both parties agree to try to find an amicable solution before taking any legal action. Both parties agree that any litigation resulting from this contract comes within the exclusive jurisdiction of Evreux, France. This is only a translation of the french contract only given for information, the french contract beeing the one and only reference in case of litigation.

Our client service
is at your disposal

> By e-mail

> By telephone
You can reach us at
+33 2 32 77 42 91
Monday to Friday,
from 10:30 to 19:30.
In Paris, it is currently